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Return and Exchange

Return and Exchange Management System

In order to strengthen the quality management of returned and exchanged products, provide customers with reliable products, satisfactory services, and safeguard customer interests, this system is specially formulated.

1. Customers can receive unconditional returns and exchanges within one month of receiving the goods. If the customer returns or exchanges the goods due to their own reasons (non quality issues), the shipping cost will be borne by themselves.

2. The customer received the goods and found that the packaging box was damaged. The hospital refused to accept the goods. Please send pictures of the damaged packaging to the customer, confirm its accuracy, and return it for repackaging before shipping.

3. If the customer reports a product quality issue and it is verified by the factory inspection department, a replacement will be given; Otherwise, it will not be returned or exchanged.

4. If a value-added tax invoice has been issued for the goods to be returned or exchanged, the specific operation depends on the specific situation.

5. For returned or exchanged products, the excess or deficiency should be compensated based on the selling price, and customer service personnel should keep relevant records.

6. If the purchased product needs to be returned or exchanged, the sales department should first fill out a return and exchange application form, indicating the customer's name, contact person, and detailed reasons for the return and exchange. After the sales department head signs and approves, the return and exchange can be processed.

7. Goods returned by freight without the consent of the sales department head of the company will not be returned or exchanged

8. If the outer packaging of the goods is damaged upon return (except for those that need to be replaced due to packaging damage), and our company is unable to resell the goods, we will not accept returns or exchanges

Appendix: Return and Exchange Application Form

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